Luxury boarding for the discerning feline

Michele Culverwell - Manager

At age 10 I dragged my poor mother to the local vet to offer my services during the school holidays. My mom very patiently explained that I was too young, but I insisted, and so off we went. Needless to say the very kind Veterinarian explained that whilst he was very grateful, I was indeed too young to start my ?veterinary career?. Lots of tears ensued!!!!

Sneaking Sally, our hunter feline warrior; Fluffy, our dainty curly Maltese X and Rusty, parentage unknown, into bed with me and under the blankets, was one of my primary goals throughout my pre-adolescent and teen years... 54 years later...everyone is still on the bed and under the duvet! Saving snails, goggo?s, centipedes? et al from big feet, beloved furry resident predators, swimming pools and gardeners is a serious mission to this day! 

Whilst animals have always been my first love, my love of sport was always a close second. ?Reality? set in, and I chose to pursue a teaching career, and majored in Physical Education. Whilst I am very much a people person, and children are a delight, my hankering to work in a veterinary environment proved that one should follow a path where your true authentic self lies. Teaching was not my passion, animals were....

I started off as a Receptionist at a Veterinary Practice in the Southern Suburbs in the 80?s and happily assisted in the hospital when called to do so, and when not!  I learnt that whilst one may do one?s best for pets, very little is accomplished without a three tier partnership in caring and healthcare; pet, owner and health care practitioners/support staff.

My need to work in a welfare society then became paramount. Kennel Manager at The Animal Welfare Society in Phillipi was a sobering time but also a time of great joy. This experience shaped much of my thinking around the human condition, the dependence and vulnerability of the sick, injured, unwanted, lost and abused animal. I also learnt that very poor people care deeply, and some don?t. Wealthy people care deeply, and some don?t. After much contemplation, I realized that I needed to go back into Private Practice. This has involved working at reception, as a nurse aid, and also in Vet Shops over the years.

There are no ?awful? cats, ever. They are either nervous, frightened, petrified, sick, ignored, abused or elderly; they all have a story.....

It is also no coincidence that my two best friends in the world are Veterinary Nurses.

I come to Withycombe Boutique Boarding Cattery with a desire to care, nurture, play, laugh and chat with furry darlings in an environment that truly cares about your babies. This is a calling and I feel honoured to be able to share time with everyone?s beloveds.


 Tracey Pace owns the cattery and the cattery is based on her property. Tracey is actively involved on a daily basis by putting the cats to bed every night ensuring litter trays are clean, there are a few nibbles in their bowls for the night and that everyone is happy and cosy.  The cattery is in close proximity to the house so she hears all the noises in the night and will get up to ensure that all is okay if something sounds strange no matter the time.  Tracey does cattery duty every second weekend.  She also has 5 feline children of her own and 2 small cat friendly dogs residing on the property.  She is very passionate about animals and is involved with animal welfare sterilisation campaigns for indigent communities in her spare time.  Tracey has successfully passed the FABPRO 1 of the Advanced Certificate in Essential Cat Health and Welfare written and tutored by the Feline Advice Bureau (UK) and COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology).

 Due to the fact that the cattery is on Tracey's private property it would be greatly appreciated if the delivery and collection times could be adhered to as per the Terms and Conditions.